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Monday, May 28, 2012



Glass painting is a contemporary art which has been derived from the age old art of stained glass painting which involves putting smaller colored pieces of glass together. It was a common feature in high windows and doors etc in the olden times and can still be seen in churches and old buildings. We had these types of glasses at my Grandmother’s house.  These days glass painting is becoming a popular feature and catching up as a hobby due to its awesome results and easy availability of glass painting equipment.
At home glass paintings can be as wall hangings, wine glasses painting, on windows, acrylic sheets, cups, mugs, tiles, mirrors etc. If you are interested in glass painting and want to try it, go ahead and experience the joy! All you need is a glass piece, sheet of paper, glass paints, an outliner, a design, silver foil or colorful paper (if required) and some amount of patience. J


  • Rectangular or Square Glass piece
  • Glass Liner
  • Glass paints
  • Thinner
  • Glue
  • Aluminum foil or Colored papers
  • Boldly traced designs/ drawings


  • First place the drawing on the table and then place the plain glass above the drawing, so that the drawing/picture is clearly seen through the glass.

  • Make the outline of the trace on the glass with glass liner. Allow it to dry.

  • Before you start painting on the glass tests your shades on some rough glass. You can wipe it off with thinner.
  • The color choice should be perfect because the stained glass paint gets dried up fast and the correction cannot be done easily.
  •  While painting, the color blending should be done quickly and carefully. 
  • When the whole painting and the border gets dried, remove the trace.

  • From the back side of the glass painting paste a colorful paper sheet or crushed aluminum foil.

  • Now your glass painting is ready. You can get it framed.

Tip: Once the painting has dried see it against a source of light. This will tell you the portions where the paint is less or thin. If required, do another coating of paint on it. 

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