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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ganesh Idol Making

Ganesh Idol Making

If you are looking to be creative and eco-friendly this Ganesh Chaturthi, then you can make Ganesh idols at home. Ganesh idols can be made at home using clay (Shadu).
 f you are buying a Ganesh idol, please opt for an environment friendly Ganesha.

  • Shadu (Clay)
  • Fevicol
  • Wooden block (2X2)
  • Wooden stick
  • Tooth pick
  • Paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Rough cloth
  • Kundun or decorative stones to decorate the idol


  1. Mix the clay. You can get clay from stationary stores during Ganesh festival. In Pune you can get it at Kumbharwada.
  2. While mixing the clay and using it, make sure that your hand is slightly wet.

3. Take the wooden block and apply fevicol over it.

4. Take the 1 kg clay and divide it in to 8 equal portions.
5. 1st portion should be used to prepare shape like trapezoid. Fix on the wooden block as shown below. 

6. Take 2nd portion and half of 3rd portion. Mix it well and prepare a round. Then divide that in 2 parts. Make 2 legs shapes like carrot. Bend in between for making knees. Merge the same with hind part.

7. Add Kasota to pitambar as shown. Apply little water for smooth texture.
8. Take the 3rd portion remaining half and add to 4th portion to make it 1.5 portions. Make a round of it. Mix well. Now make 3 parts of it. Out of that mix 2 portions and make stomach for the Ganesh idol. Place it back upright. Add residual portion for shoulder and chest part.
9. Now take 5th portion. Make 4 parts of it to make 4 hands. Prepare rare hands first. Ensure the palm is not thin to avoid breaking.
10. Prepare uparna and fix it on shoulder.
11. Now take 6th portion. Divide it in to 3:1 . Take bigger portion for head. Remaining portion to be used for preparing trunk. 

12. Take 7th portion. Divide in to 3 parts. 1 part for ears. , 1 part for crown (cone shape) (mukut), 1 portion for the chakra behind the crown (mukut).
13. You can prepare ornaments of the remaining 8th portion as shown below. Also prepare 1 Modak to keep on Ganesha's left palm. :-)
14. Using a brush smoothen the exterior. Make sure that you don’t damage the structure.
15. Now leave the Ganesha to dry but not in direct sunlight as cracks may appear.
16. When the idol is dry use acrylic tint flesh shade for coloring the whole idol in body color. Allow it to dry.

17. You can color the Ganesha pithambar and the uparna/ shella by your choice colors. We had prepared 2 Ganesh idols as this time in my creativity my brother had also joined me :). So we both had prepared 1 idol each.
18. Use golden color for the crown, chakra and the ornaments.
19.You can draw eyes and other aspects like tilak, eyebrows etc.
20.You can use acrylic paints to enhance the beauty of Ganesha.


 21.You can also decorate the idol with colorful stones and kunduns.

 Here is the eco-friendly ganesh idol.