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Monday, November 2, 2009


Here I am posting some of the ceramic work done by me. It is quite a task to mould the different shapes of leaves, flowers and other details in the beginning but later on with practice and patience I could do them quite easily. One more important thing about doing ceramic work is too use lot of imagination and experimenting, then only we can create many new things or otherwise we end up doing nothing but roses and leaves etc. The dough we prepare for ceramic work must be more bendable, elastic and soft then only the work comes out without any cracks. Use good quality ceramic powder for the dough making as it plays the most important role in it. Prepare the dough by mixing ceramic powder + fevicol. I have used acrylic and enamel paints for coloring. Will try to post some more of the works in the future. :-)

Ceramic Pot Painting

This is Ceramic pot Painting. You can make any designs like figures, flowers or just tapping some ceramic here and there and painting on them with different colours with ceramic dough. So try out some different designs.
I have tried out making roses on this pot.

I have tried out making grapes on this pot.

Ceramic Tile Painting

This is Ceramic tile painting, this one is a different design. On it’s back side I have made a hook so that we can hang it on a wall as a wall piece.

Ceramic Pen Stand

You can make lot of things using ceramic. Ceramic pen stand sounds different but its nothing different than the making of ceramic pot painting. Its not only designing pot using ceramic powder there are different things you can make out of this ceramic dough. Here I made a beautiful and useful pen stand.
1. Ceramic powder
2. Fevicol
3. Card board
How to make:
1. Make dough of ceramic by mixing ceramic powder and fevicol and take small pieces out of it, roll the dough as shown.

2. Now make it into triangle, oval shape or any shape that you like to. 3. Take card board as base and place these pieces one above the other and make a beautiful pen stand.
4. After drying it colour the stand and decorate it as you want.
Handmade things are always natural and good looking, so here is one beautiful handmade pen stand for you. You can make different shapes and sizes.
Here is the one I made. :-)


  1. Hi Anjali,

    i saw your ceramic work on ur blog... it is very nice...... very impressive....

    I had a question regarding ceramic powder... where do you buy it from.... if you buy a package... can you write to me the contents of it... I am in US and cant find ceramic powder here....


  2. Hi Darshee,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Good to know you are interested in doing some ceramic work :-) You are planning to do it on pot or tiles?

    I stay in India in Pune city where I can buy it usually from stationary shops over here. I think you can get it in any kids toy shop or stationary shop or wallmart over there. It's i think also called as play clay and when I was in Germany I got it in colored form from one shop. Also I think you can buy online over there by searching on google for shops nearby to your city. :-)

    Do write back if you have any further query. Also please send me snaps of your ceramic work :-)

    Be in touch.. Take care..


  3. hiii liked ur work for mural can we use ceramic powder n i couldnot find it n shops n pune can u pls mail me shop name my id is

  4. Hi Madhavi,

    Thank you for visiting my Blog :-) Thanks for appreciating my creativity.
    You can get the ceramic powder at Venus Stationary shop or in Samrath shop
    in Tulsi Bagh.
    Keep visiting blog for new updates. You can add yourself as follower to blog
    to get newer updates on creativity and kitchen if you are interested.
    You can visit

    Keep In Touch !!

  5. u've done gr8 work wid ceramic powder..
    wanted to ask if i can use plaster of paris instead of ceramic powder?

  6. hi anjali,

    its nice to see works are good in kitchen too , i went thru your blog its nice nad the work with ceramic work are all good :) I would also like you to visit my Facebook and give few comments...i have uploaded just few painting and jewellery all hand made...if you hv time pls visit to Manahar K Murthy FB id.

    Wish you a happy and a prosperous DIWALI :)

    thank you


  7. its awesome and i luved it

  8. it is really fantanstic

  9. Hi Anjali,

    The cermaic work is really nice. Is there any particular proportion to prepare the ceramic dough?


  10. Hi Aarti,
    Thank you for visiting this post. There is no specific proportion. It's on everyone independent judgement of mixing it.
    Keep visiting :)

  11. ooosame creativity...............lovely.n hope so u upload more creativity of yours so that we can learn more

  12. Hi Prachi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog.. :)
    Keep visiting or add as follower to get the future updates on my new creativity:)

  13. Hello Anjali,

    Could you please suggest where the ceramic powder is available in bangalore

  14. Hi Anjali,

    Could you please tel me where is ceramic powder available in Bangalore.

  15. Hi Archana,
    You can get ceramic powder in either Thipsandra or Shivaji nagar. Also you can get in most of the hardware shops or big size stationary shops where you get greeting card preparation material or decoration material etc..these shops also keep ceramic powder.

  16. Hi Anjali,

    Nice art....and thanks for explaining the Dough preparation. When I start mixing the ceramic powder and fevicol, dough is sitcking to my hands because of fevicol, it is not coming to hand like chapathi flour to prepare flowers. Not sure what did I miss in preparing the Dough.


    1. Hi Rajani,
      Thanks !
      Well the fevicol quantity might be more than the required proportion. You can wear a plastic glove and try otherwise 1st apply dry ceramic powder to the hands like we do with flour while cooking :-)

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  18. hiii anjali di ur designs are fabulous plz tell me the way to make them i love making designs and creative things. in above comments u said that u r in pune iam also in pune good to hear this that we have such a taslented person in aur city tell me everything about u i love ur creativity. i m in 8th class and im little bit creative too but there are so many things i have to learn.

  19. hi anjali your crafts are very nice. I have some doubt. is this ceramic powder the same as the ceramic material in pour tea cups? can we fix the ceramic flowers on tea cups that we use? Does it fix well with glue? If yes, when should be the ceramic flower be glued (after it is dried or before becoming dry)? Is there any other option to fix the ceramic flowers on the ceramic tea cup becuase both are smooth surfaces.

    Is the ceramic powder and porcealin powder the same?
    please advice.

  20. hi anjali ur craft works are really nice. I have a doubt. can we fix ceramic flowers on ceramic tea cup. both of them are smooth so would they tightly stick together strongly?

    is there any process for fixing the ceramic flowers or other items on ceramic tea cup other than glue?

    is the ceramic powder and the porcelain powder are the same?

    please advice

  21. How much ceramic n fevicol need to be added???

    Should that be mixed with water could u please provide steps on making dough m new to ceramic world

  22. Hello Anjali,

    I am new to creamic world i have had used polymer clay, porceline clay and all that but could you advise e how to make creamic dough??

    Is it okie to dough it with water and just ceramic (if no fevicol)???

  23. Hi Anjali.very nice work...And can you plz tell me wots the amount of fevicol and ceramic clay you are using to mix.And did u add water along with fevicol?

  24. Hi Anjali...Ur work is very nice...Can u plz tell me how much amount of each you are adding i.e.water+Ceramic clay and fevicol....for craft work..Thnx..

  25. Hi Anjali,

    Believing you are India. I searched a lot more f places for ceramic powder but ended no where.plsblet me know from where you purchaed the same

  26. Hi anjali or paintings are awesome
    But I am not getting ceramic powder anywhere in Chd .can u tell where is it available or anything which I can use in place of ceramic powder.

  27. Please tell where is ceramic powder available in chandigarh

  28. Dear All,

    I tried to purchase Ceramic powder from last 3 months, I searched a lot in many areas for shops or sellers, and at last I found a Good shop who sale Ceramic powder and more than 30 products which are related to hand craft and arts. I am giving these adders to others who want to purchase Ceramic from Bangalore.

    Devi & Company , Shivaji Nagar , Bangalore
    Phone: (080) 25588894, (080) 25364598
    Address: 130, Ebrahim Sahib Street, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore- 560001, Karnataka
    Landmark: Near Kamat Hotel

    any help you need please contact I will help you friends,

    All the best Hand and Art craft lovers :)

  29. Hi Anjali/Febin,

    I tried multiple places in Banaglore however i did not find ceramic power..
    Let me know if you know some place/address at Banaglore..

  30. Hi Anjali
    Did you get my post... Seems it did not get posted here

  31. Hi Anjali, ur artwork are fantastic. ..thks for explaining dough preparation..where the ceramic powder available in chennai.

  32. Hi,
    Not sure about Chennai shops. You shout get that in places where you get craft & art material

  33. any idea in hyderabad

  34. please tell me shop in pune where i can get ceramic powder, i want to make table top water fountain, and searching best material to make it

    1. Hi Gulshan, Thanks for visiting my blog. In Pune you will get ceramic powder at Venus Stationary on FC road or Samrath shop in Tulsi Bagh. Let me know if you need any help. Also do post pics of your creativity. Keep visiting my blog!

  35. please tell me shop address in pune , where i can get ceramic powder, i wnat to make table top water fountain

  36. as u said in pune venus crafts shop they gave ceramic powder in some sandal lite color but not in white color plz let me know

    1. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. It's ok if the color is not white as later you might be painting the article made by you. Keep visiting my blog!